“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Just a short one today.

Inspire, you can’t motivate. Motivation is something that comes from within. It is the reason or reasons for a person to engage in specific actions. Inspiration however, is the guidance to and arousal of the mind to achieve motivators. To inspire you must first identify what an individual’s motivator is.

What are the top 10 positive motivators? (In no particular order)
1) Power
2) Wealth
3) Comfort
4) Fame
5) Excitement/Thrill
6) Love
7) Passion
8) Knowledge
9) Notoriety
10) Recognition

The best way to uncover a motivator is to know your people and know yourself. Once you uncover the motivator, all goal setting MUST revolve around it to leverage the motivator to inspire someone or yourself to choose to WIN.

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